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Cold Calling

Cold Calling…two words that strike fear into the heart of even the most experienced salesperson. Most salespeople would rather move in with their in-laws rather than cold call.

Cold calling has proved to be the most cost efficient and results in instant decision making. You may be tempted to try other methods of advertising your products and services; however, you have to rely on prospects to contact you, which may never happen.

1stNet agents are trained to cold call in a professional manner which results in sales, sales leads, and appointments. Most companies will rely on their sales force to generate leads and appointments, throw a telephone book at them and start calling is not the right way to go about it. We have acquired the skills of cold calling in all most every industry. Your sales force is not for cold calling, let them do what they do best, SELLING!


Our cold calling techniques are unique that allows us to break through most difficult barriers. Success relies on your approach towards the prospects and the amount of information being issued. Agents are trained to obtain maximum information in order to assist your sales force on their sales leads and appointments.

1stNet agents are trained on your core services and products, it is tedious but results are superior since they have the full knowledge of the company services and products. Our trainers go through service and product knowledge along with test call prior to commencement of all campaigns.

Cold calling demands a distinctive script and our qualified script writers generate a bespoke script for your company. The script is utilised on your approval.

A word of caution; if for any reason you plan to operate an in-house cold calling campaign then you must understand the concept and rules of Telephone Preference Service (TPS). Please do visit: to obtain additional information.


Database is the backbone for cold calling, without the target data any type of calling would not yield desired results. Additionally it’s a demoralising experience for the call agents. 1stNet Marketing can source target data for your campaign, we can obtain filtered B2B or lifestyle B2C databases as per your project requirements.


1stNet cold calling team members undergo a meticulous training with their team leaders and quality controllers. All our agents are introduced to general rebuttal handling; these rebuttals are applicable to both business to business and business to consumer projects.

Rebuttals come in many approaches, from “I do not buy over the phone” to “the price is too high”. We explore almost all possible rebuttals within your campaign and update as the project progresses, our rebuttal management does not involve argumentative approach, but reasonable agreement is reached after getting the prospect to see the rebuttal in a different light.

Let us generate leads and sales appointments to allow your sales-force to close deals.

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