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Home Improvement Leads




We conduct outbound telemarketing campaigns for products such as uPVC double glazing, conservatories, specialised window blinds, loft area conversions, property extensions.

1stNet also allows your sales executives to comprehend the overall performance of their sales figures. What could be implemented to enhance product sales contribution using returning to all dropped prospective customers?

For example; Prospects who obtained an estimate but did not take up on your offer for one reason or another, our lead generation team can reactivate numerous potential customers that your salesforce may have discarded.



We set criteria with your sales force and follow it religiously; there are a couple of important factors that we take into account when generating or verifying leads.

First of all; we identify the decision makers and ensure all of them are present at the time of the visit by your sales force. Another important factor is to inform prospects that the sales force will be asking for business at the end of the sales demo if the candidates feel the quality is good and the price is fair.

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Just forget about highly rated newspapers advertisements whereby you could have to pay from expensive advertising and marketing fund to get to individuals who are not genuine potential customers.

Direct mailing databases like new property owner listings enable you to spend less time and cash by picking out solely those renovating qualified prospects and home improvement leads; prospective customers who can make use of your products and solutions.

Direct Mailing databases and Telemarketing lists are two of the most cost-effective approaches utilised, by the Home Improvement Sector to acquire qualified re-designing leads.



Quality business leads generated with a compelling script; we create a script specifically for your products or services which grab the attention of the prospect within the first twenty seconds of discussion with them. Script also has built-in verification for a quality lead; our telemarketing agents are not afraid of asking direct questions which in turn confirm prospects interest in your products or services.



Business Leads cost starts from £25.00 each. However, cost varies as per project, and the number of sales leads purchased. Please contact one of our Project Managers for a confirmed quotation.

Call us on 0843 289 3970 or write to for information about 1stNet Marketing services, brochure or discussion.