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The Right Telemarketing Company

How to choose the Right Telemarketing Company


CAMPAIGN: Do you have a clear understanding of what you want from your campaign? The same goes for the telemarketing company you wish to appoint! It’ll a total waste of time and funds if both parties are not on the same page.

CAMPAIGN MANAGER: This the most important person related to your campaign; he or she can make a success or a failure of a campaign. Appointed campaign manager must have a clear target in action.

REQUIREMENT: Be clear regarding what you wish to achieve from a campaign you wish to run and obtain the same from the company. Do not be shy to ask questions, if the answers are not to your satisfaction, then walk away!

DATA: This is the lifeline of your campaign and your telemarketing company must be able to source quality data on your behalf. Make you sure you get the ownership of the data.

SCRIPT: The telemarketing company should be able to write an effective script; most companies will pass the burden to you leaving you responsible for campaign failure.

PERFORMANCE: Set a target for a performance of your campaign, if you fail to mention the targets then you may be losing monies, and your sales team will be demotivated.

AGENTS: You must demand experienced agents when paying on an hourly basis. Inexperienced agents are not an issue when paying per performance basis.

REPORTING: All telemarketing offers campaign reporting; however, some will only offer completed leads or sales data only. You must be entitled to calling reporting if you are paying on an hourly basis.

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