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B2B Telemarketing Preparation

Preparing for B2B Telemarketing

Mental Preparation:

Are you mentally geared up for calling B2B prospects? This is a challenging question as you are the one who has the answer; don’t con yourself; you won’t get far with it. Be honest and seek assistance; there are plenty of excellent ideas and suggestions available on the net. Buy a book or two to get started and then experience will teach you the rest.


Write a script in form of notes or bullet points, never as a newscast. Please remember; you will be interacting with high-level management and professionals, so be prepared! Mention the benefits their business will receive by utilising your products or services, always keep to the point and never be afraid to ask for business or an appointment, if that’s the aim of your call.


Most companies have a CRM system in place, but if you are operating as a home-based business then make sure you retain you call results in the format you are comfortable with; for example Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. Analyse each call and learn why you succeed or failed with that particular call. Furthermore, analyse daily call figures and aim to improve. Do not forget your callbacks!

Please come back soon as we’ll discuss each of these subjects in detail, your contribution is welcome.