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Pension Leads


Are you looking to get fresh leads for your campaign?

We operate telephone marketing questionnaire and seek consumers in the UK who have a genuine interest in offered product or service. We can put together questions for you and have it added to our telephone consumer questionnaire. It then starts generating fresh leads. A few sample scripts we could use is:


Q1. Do you have private or frozen pension? If YES, proceed to Q2

Q2. Would you like a call back to see if you can receive some free help in reviewing your pension pot? If YES = Lead

In terms of volume, we anticipate to generate the following at the following pricing:

  • Pension Leads: 375 – 500 fresh leads a day. Pricing is £3.50 per lead

All our leads are guaranteed fresh and not more than 24 hours old. The data is opted-in and we can provide call recordings as proof. We have a quality department that checks the calls and ensures the script is followed and the responses given are correct. We have a very strict compliance policy and all the data we provide has an exclusivity clause which means we won’t share it with any data supplier within 60 days of delivery.

We are really interested to find out what you think and we are very keen to start as soon as possible. If you have any questions or need clarifications, please don’t hesitate to reach me. Our contact details are listed below.

Production Team
1stNet Marketing
Tel: 0843 289 3970