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Online Advertising Network

An old-time saying goes “Half of your cash you utilise on marketing and advertising is wasted”- however, you’ll initial know which half is squandered, once you have utilized the investment.

This can not take place any time you interact with 1stNet Marketing as almost everything will be based on overall performance.

You only pay for what you’ll get and you could constantly evaluate the final results.

We use many methods from conventional banner-ads to hard-core data generation, from lead campaigns. We use most of the channels which function now and when new programs develop, you’ll be informed promptly.

1stNet Marketing have an overabundance of than 300 professional media channels partners, who have a lot more than 250 million published e-mails monthly distributed in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Our range of products helps to ensure that of all sizes promoters have a perfect and long-lasting alternative.

Our expert services are incredibly quantifiable with rapid Return On Investment (ROI). All promotions are collaboration together with you the customer, whereby we look for the perfect product or service for your marketing campaign.

Our services: Lead-based campaigns, CPL – Click based campaigns, CPC – Double-click based campaigns, DCPC – Action based campaigns, CPA – Co-registration based campaigns, SOI and DOI with and without questions.

Our focus product is our own Survey’s where we run Co-registration campaigns. We segment users and ask them questions, from where we collect and send user information and answers to our advertisers in Excel, CSV or through live feed.

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