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Will telemarketing work for me?

Telemarketing does work, however it may not be financially viable for certain industries. For example, it is indeed challenging to get a sales lead for a roofing company, no offence to roofers. However, you may have to make significant number of calls and luck may come in to action.

How soon can my campaign commence?

We require 7 working days lead-time. This gives us the opportunity to understand your products and services and train our agents. Setting up of predicative dialler and load data does take time and tweaking. Script is fundamental to all campaigns, we use NLP to generate our scripts, and your authorisation is required. We also provide you with your login details at this point.

Who supplies the data?

1stNet can source B2B or B2C data as per your requirement; you are welcome to supply your own data.

Is it necessary to send a mailer beforehand?

We suggest you send mailers that are eye catching and retain prospects interest, or else it may be a financial burden and treated as junk mail. Post mailers 2 to 3 days prior to commencement of your telemarketing campaign and must be target oriented.

Who will be responsible to set up my campaign?

1stNet makes an appointment with you to understand your requirements and agree upon a specific lead or sales criteria. Data, Script, Email Templates, Company Information and Offers discussed and agreed. We ensure a smooth start up with not too much of your time involved. However, we emphasise that you spend some of your time to authorise script and data format, including taking, a few trial calls.

What happens when prospects request your company information?

Information is King. We help and guide you to prepare company information that is relevant to your campaign and ensure the prospects receive them in real time; we do this via our links to servers or send direct email to prospects.

What will be said on the phone?

First 20 seconds will determine either we have a sale/lead or not. Prospects receive numerous telemarketing or telesales calls each day, they tend to disconnect calls or raise barriers at the tone of a telemarketing or telesales calls. Our approach is a unique; we identify the need first followed by a discussion with prospects rather than over coming objects raised by the prospects.

How do I receive my campaign results and reports?

Your daily results, weekly reports and voice recordings are stored securely on our servers. You shall receive your login details once you are a 1stNet Client. Result data can in format of your choice; most of our clients prefer in MS Excel Spreadsheet. Hot leads and appointments are sent in real-time via SMS and emails.

How many calls can be made a day?

Not many people realise the difference between dial outs and deliver a message. You may dial 250 numbers in day, but what counts is the number of total conversations for the day. We have a higher rate of contact as we use predictive diallers. On average, our agents have 70 conversations a day. Which means approximately 70 prospects have listened to your proposal of services or goods.

Who will make the calls?

We have specialised teams for B2B and B2C campaigns. We select the team depending on services or products your offer. Each team has a Team Leader and a Floor Manager to assist them to achieve highest quality results. You shall receive trial calls from each agent prior to commencement of your campaign and of course you final authorisation is most welcome.

Will telemarketers make calls in the name of my company?

We will absolutely take care of your calls. Most providers pride themselves in saying that callers will not even know they are speaking to a third party provider.

What is inbound telemarketing?

Inbound telemarketing refers to calls received in which sales or other business-based information is relayed to a customer. Inbound telemarketers take orders, conduct customer service, engage in direct mail responses, do credit card authorisations, act as a help desk, etc.

How do your charge for inbound telemarketing?

It will depend on each provider, but most of them charge on a “per minute” basis. This comes along with a setup charge and most likely a minimum amount of weekly usage. Our clients can register as members at and pay an annual membership fee, which is cost efficient.

What if I have an 0800 number?

We allow you to route calls from an existing 800 number to our call centre. There additional charges applicable to this service, please contact us for a valid quotation.

What is the charge for outbound telemarketing?

We charge on a “per hour” basis. A set up fee is charged for Management, supervisory and other set up services. Please contact us to obtain a confirmed quotation.

Can you provide a script?

We provide and write script for your campaign utilising NLP. Most providers will not “provide” scripts, but they will offer their insight. Because of their experience in the field, they can help your business arrange very effective scripts.

Login: Username and Password

We provide and login details to all our clients to download leads, appointments, daily reports and weekly reports including voice recordings.

Predictive dialler

A predictive dialler is an automatic number dialling system that enables call centres to be able to commit 50 minutes of each and every hour or so actually talking to live prospective customers. Telemarketers will no longer hang around keying in numbers or hearing no responses – all they are doing is talking with prospective customers. Predictive dialler have an overabundance of telephone lines than telemarketers, which are employed to trigger telephone calls whilst telemarketers are conversing with prospective customers.

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