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Data Profiling

A database is the bloodline of all direct marketing. Data Profiling is vital for start-up companies and extremely important for established companies, it will help you see who should be your target market, what are the types of companies that will most likely need what your company offers.

Some companies maintain a standard database such as company name, address and telephone number but that’s not adequate, you need to have your database enhanced in today’s competitive market. Information is a very critical asset.

Your database should contain maximum available information, from Local Branches all the way to the Head Office. There are a couple of ways to obtain the target data, you can purchase the list from data suppliers, outsource database building, or run an in-house team for data profiling.

Purchasing off-the-rack database is a better option when data is required at a short notice, however building a target database will be more profitable and effective in the long run.

1stNet data profiling reveals absent and the exact same information, misspelt information, damaged data principles, unacceptable data components, improper content and irreconcilable information. We really feel data profiling procedure is the most effective way to precisely prepare assignments and eradicate the hazards associated with information level of quality issues.

It also decreases expenses and heightens efficiency. Data profiling is essential for advertising and marketing. You ought to keep that in mind anytime you have a new product or service to offer.

Knowing your marketplace properly will place you on the appropriate track. Telemarketing will assist you to get to that track. Having telemarketing to perform with you in data profiling may possibly be the finest investment decision that you can make.




1stNet Data Profiling improves the excellence of the database which offers better outcomes for your marketing campaign. We provide absolutely incomparable consumer satisfaction and high-quality solutions. Occasionally, even the most flourishing businesses would require a minor supporting side. After all, it’s not simple to sustain a beneficial ground in this ever adjusting marketplace.


Advantageously, there’s telemarketing to do that. It’s one of the most dependable strategies of marketplace penetration, and most productive in acquiring excellent consumer information that can support you strengthen your marketing and advertising strategy, product development, and service distribution. It is specifically valuable in information profiling. Numerous firms are discovering this to be one of the most successful means of enhancing their marketplace capacities.


We are in a position to develop a high-performance consumer databases for our buyers, making use of the telephone to research and profile data. This can be done from the beginning or creating and maximising on current information.



»»» Update and correct data your marketing databases

»»» Ask profiling questions to allow segmentation

»»» Add details of hard to find decision makers

»»» Capture opt-in email addresses

Give us your out-dated advertising and marketing listings or consult us to supply fundamental data and we will convert it into an excellent data list you need to have for your advertising and marketing pursuits.

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