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Data Cleansing


A database is “Life Support System” for most companies. Neglected database can cause problems with your Marketing Campaigns and Customer Contact. 1stNet will clean and update your database no matter what condition it may be in, we offer various Database services and solutions. Have you figured out how good your data information is – really? Staying uninformed about your data quality can be costly for your organisation.



Database never remains the same over a period. Hence, you need to spick and span your data as often as you can. Your data contacts may be promoted within their organisation or have moved to other organisation, you need to keep track and update your data regularly. Remember, flawed database means a waste of money on marketing campaigns and frustrated sales and marketing team.

By outsourcing your database cleansing services to 1stNet Marketing Team, you have the main advantage of operating your everyday business process efficiently and accurately. You can actually save time which you’ll want to now commit to the key company activities. It can be cost-effective as well to outsource your data cleansing to us.



Data Cleansing is also known as data scrubbing which is the action which will help in cleansing, bringing up-to-date and correcting a company’s customer and business enterprise databases. This can be an extremely important task, which each and every organisation ought to give relevance to. If you don’t possess databases that are up-to-date and cleansed frequently, you won’t be able to achieve required targets in your business.

E-mail Marketing is incredibly economical, which explains why numerous organisations find it irresistible. Even though you pay only a part of any amount of money to transmit an e-mail advertising and marketing communication, nevertheless, you squander time and effort in the event the information doesn’t get to your targeted contact.



1stNet can generate specific database by collecting information by Business Sector, Company Size, Activity, Contact Position and any other targets. 1stNet agents are trained to collect the most basic to most specific data information, which is a powerful tool for your marketing campaigns.

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