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Customer Care & Support

1stNet Customer Care and Support staff become an aspect of your company’s customer care and support operations team that interacts with customers for his or her instantaneous advantage and continue to make clients delighted.

Additionally, it has a selection of services to help consumers concerning the company’s product or service. Primarily the services consist of, problem-solving, set up, organising, instruction, upkeep of the product or service.

1stNet Customer Care Centre has experience and able to incorporate effortlessly along with your operation. Outsourcing your customer care to 1stNet can instantaneously offer your company with qualified, customer focused and competent staff members at your disposal.

Small and start up businesses require absolute focus. Let us take care of your communication while you concentrate on expanding and running your new business.

Most people do not find answer machines very friendly and automated or selection systems are at times not welcome, especially when going through a maze of selection. This where calls get dropped and so does business opportunity.

1stNet staff is always helpful and courteous all of the time and provide impressive solutions, we keep your clientele well-informed with regards to your services and products, and train our staff members to adhere to exactly the same regulations and rules you implement when addressing clientele.

Communication and strengthening client relationships are essential components in winning your customer’s commitment and loyalty.


»»» Let 1stNet take care of your customer care/support calls.

»»» Prove to your prospects and customers that you care!.

»»» Let 1stNet take care of enquiries from your prospects and customers.

»»» Let 1stNet take care of e-mail support service.

»»» Let 1stNet take care of your live-chat enquiries and support service.

»»» 1stNet operates a 24 / 7 x 365 call centre to provide the following services:

»»» 24 Hours Live Calls Enquiries & Messaging Service

»»» 24 Hours Live Chat Enquiries & Messaging Service

»»» 24 Hours Express Email Enquiries & Messaging Service – Response within 1 hour.

»»» Real Time SMS’s / Chat Transcripts / Emails.

»»» 1stNet informs visitors of your promotional services and products.

»»» Join 1stNet Membership Scheme to attract more visitors.

»»» 1stNet offers a discounted trial period…give us a call, we are paying for it!

»»» All this for less than £15.00 per hour.

Please call us on 0843 289 3970 or write to for information about 1stNet Marketing services, brochure or discussion.