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B2C Telemarketing Results Continued…

Written on June 28, 2011

SAFE GUARDING Ensure that your results are safely stored and only authorised personnel have access. We all have heard stories of data loss and theft, this can damage your company reputation and your clients may also suffer. You may be approached by marketing companies to sell your data and you may be tempted…do not be … Continue reading B2C Telemarketing Results Continued…

B2C Telemarketing Results

Written on June 19, 2011

RESULTS: Now that your team has started to generate the results…what do you do? Thank the entire team for their effort and try to make time to thank them in person, it makes all the difference. Save, save and save the data! These days you do get choices on CRM, in fact, some are free, … Continue reading B2C Telemarketing Results

B2C Telemarketing Continued

Written on May 26, 2011

BUSINESS TO CONSUMER TELEMARKETING CONTINUED Now that you have decided to pursue B2C Telemarketing, you need to select a company that will perform the required services for your project. Cost plays a major part in the selection process, but do pay attention when it comes to experience. You may decide to run the project in-house, … Continue reading B2C Telemarketing Continued

B2C Telemarketing

Written on April 27, 2011

We’ll be discussing Business to Consumer Telemarketing and will be taking into account all aspects which can eventually deliver success to your campaigns. The first thing to remember…B2C Telemarketing should not be mistaken as a sales campaign as that may well be considered as Business to Consumer Telesales. Planning is vital for any project no … Continue reading B2C Telemarketing

Telemarketing and Telesales in the UK

Written on April 10, 2011

Telemarketing in the United Kingdom is already finding popularity by its programmed outbound telemarketing services from British based telecommerce organisations. Primary useful resource through the robotic telephone selling services is interactive voice reaction technological innovation which offers focused, inexpensive and efficient telesales in Great Britain. The telesales individual ought to get expertise like being familiar … Continue reading Telemarketing and Telesales in the UK

What’s the difference between Telemarketing and Telesales?

Written on April 8, 2011

The answer can be found inside the terms: Telesales & Telemarketing. It’s simple; Sales and Marketing, a number of individuals place the two in to the same classification. Telemarketing is noticeably helpful to generate awareness of your products or services and can be implemented to enlighten of latest services and products. Telesales is implemented to … Continue reading What’s the difference between Telemarketing and Telesales?

1stNet Marketing Blog

Written on April 6, 2011

Welcome to the 1stNet Advertising Blog In here, you’ll uncover the level of top quality guide for organizations to comprehend telemarketing and telesales. The suggestions, methods, and techniques are several of our finest content, and now we more than delighted to share them with you. The web is gradually getting integrated with our lifestyles. Individuals … Continue reading 1stNet Marketing Blog