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Inbound Calls

Written on June 24, 2018

Are you fed up with buying data or leads that do not provide expected results? The answer is simple; get inbound calls from potential customers. 1stNet offers the most productive method of generating leads and sales with our artificial intelligent dialer. We are going to keep this short to make aware of the issues with … Continue reading Inbound Calls


Consumer Data Lists

Written on September 4, 2017

Word to the wise! An old saying goes “Half of the money you use for advertising and marketing gets wasted.” The problem is that you will first know which half is wasted when you have used up the investment.   B2C DATA LISTS: Our data comprises of the type of consumers you wish to contact, … Continue reading Consumer Data Lists

Pension Leads

Written on July 6, 2016

PENSION REVIEW SURVEY LEADS Are you looking to get fresh leads for your campaign? We operate telephone marketing questionnaire and seek consumers in the UK who have a genuine interest in offered product or service. We can put together questions for you and have it added to our telephone consumer questionnaire. It then starts generating fresh … Continue reading Pension Leads

PPI, PI, DM, Pension Transfer/Review Leads

Written on September 14, 2015

We are now offering fully qualified double verified, opted-in data:   »»» PPI »»» PI »»» DM »»» PENSION TRANSFER & REVIEW You will receive the following information: »»» Customer Name »»» Address »»» Landline »»» Mobile Number »»» And Relevant Lead Info Our clients are currently converting from 12% to 30% Call us on … Continue reading PPI, PI, DM, Pension Transfer/Review Leads

B2C Data

Written on

B2C DATA LISTS With the depth and breadth of our b2c database, we hold more information on your future customers than any data company in the market place. The question is: Can we be clever enough in the selection process to uncover your new clients efficiently and in a manner, that is cost effective? We … Continue reading B2C Data


Online Advertising Network

Written on February 17, 2014

An old-time saying goes “Half of your cash you utilise on marketing and advertising is wasted”- however, you’ll initial know which half is squandered, once you have utilized the investment. This can not take place any time you interact with 1stNet Marketing as almost everything will be based on overall performance. You only pay for … Continue reading Online Advertising Network

Sky Warranty Data

Written on May 2, 2013

SKY SUBSCRIBER DATA: We can now offer service plans to obtain Sky user leads via our telemarketing surveys, these leads are generated on daily basis which means you get the most recent Sky user data information which enhances your sale team’s performance. Data supplied is compliant and opted in; we make sure prospects are aware … Continue reading Sky Warranty Data

Review of Remote PC Support

Written on October 20, 2012   Online pc repair implies remote pc support on line. Remote pc support has become the promising technological innovation that link the gap between users and the service providers. This method of support is provided by way of Internet, Chat, and Telephone utilising industry-standard security features. Take a look at this article and discover … Continue reading Review of Remote PC Support

Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

Written on August 4, 2012

If you’re disappointed that your chosen direct mail, email marketing, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, advertising and telemarketing doesn’t generate serious business enterprise gains! There’s a chance you have realised your shoppers and potential customers go on the internet. They’re not expecting your disruption structured marketing to strike them. Undoubtedly, they are on the net; researching … Continue reading Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

Debt Management Leads

Written on March 24, 2012

Are you looking for quality Debt Management Leads? Now you can buy Debt Management leads from 1stNet Marketing and reduce the cost of your sales. Are you looking to increase sales figures, improve efficiencies, and reduce your sales costs or any combination of these factors? We specialise in lead generation and therefore are able to … Continue reading Debt Management Leads