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B2C Telemarketing Continued


Now that you have decided to pursue B2C Telemarketing, you need to select a company that will perform the required services for your project. Cost plays a major part in the selection process, but do pay attention when it comes to experience. You may decide to run the project in-house, we’ll be covering this subject in the near future so please do register for updates. Let’s continue with a decision of outsourcing your project to an experienced telemarketing company, many telemarketing companies will assist you with the entire set up.


It’s important to get the target database for your project, this will enhance the results and will keep your sales force busy. We recommend that you spend a little extra to obtain decision makers’ full name, direct telephone number and email address if the budget allows. Most telemarketing will obtain email addresses when contacting the decision makers, be sure to send email information and ask your telemarketing company to start building a data-bank for your future campaigns or email marketing projects. You must inform your data supplier to check for TPS as companies can now register for TSP services too, contacting any TPS registered companies can cost up to £5,000.00 in fines, please google TPS and required information is readily available.


Your selected telemarketing company should make their agents available for your product/services training, lack of product/services knowledge can have a negative impact on your campaign. Prospects are not comfortable with companies that do not offer instant answers to their questions, your telemarketing company agents must come across as part of your business.


Please take extra precaution when creating a script, some telemarketing companies offer scriptwriting as part of their service. We recommend that you use a professional script writing company rather than the standard…I am calling from your company! Keep it short and to the point, long-winded script not only bore the prospects but you end up losing a potential client. It’s a good idea to tweak the script in the first couple of days of your project.


Prepare your sales force for an influx of enquiries and train the sales team to respond within hours rather than days, there could be another company offering a similar service or a deal. Follow up each and every lead that has been generated by your telemarketing company and send regular reports to them, you will be keeping a moral for the telemarketing agents. Results motivate the team more than financial rewards, which can be integrated at a later date when project budget increases.

NEXT WEEK: Results and how to deal with the leads generated…come back soon.