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B2C Telemarketing

We’ll be discussing Business to Consumer Telemarketing and will be taking into account all aspects which can eventually deliver success to your campaigns. The first thing to remember…B2C Telemarketing should not be mistaken as a sales campaign as that may well be considered as Business to Consumer Telesales.

Planning is vital for any project no matter how small the campaign may be, you probably have 500 contacts on a list and wish to inform them of your new product or service. You must have planned for these 500 contacts, we have never seen a un-planned campaign to be a successful one!




ARE MY PRODUCTS/SERVICES READY FOR THE MARKETING? You need to ensure that the products and service staff are in place and you will not get stuck in case of an influx of new orders. Delay in the delivery of your products/services will benefit your rivals! Be prepared to deliver, on time!

ARE MY PRODUCTS/SERVICES PRICE COMPETITIVE? How do they fair compared to my rivals? This is where the price plan comes into effect, you have to compete. Competition has been there and will remain, so take some out and get a research done before you get a knock-back…” you are too expensive”, “I can get it cheaper elsewhere”, ABC is selling at lower price than you”.

This does not imply that you can not sell your product at a higher ticket price, if you can prove quality then you can demand a set price…people do pay for quality! Get you pricing sorted by changing the price plan after the campaign has started will bring about negativeness within the agents and your prospects.

HOW ARE MY RIVALS MARKETING THEIR PRODUCTS/SERVICES? It helps you discover new marketing channels, telemarketing is an excellent choice but you have to be careful. For example; it would be beneficial to use local newspaper advertising or drop leaflets if you are dealing in blinds and curtains.


What is B2C Telemarketing?

B2C Telemarketing virus other channels of Marketing!

How can B2C Telemarketing help businesses?

Getting Organised?

Follow-up on B2C telemarketing Campaigns.