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Direct Sales of Products & Services


Telesales is a better option since there is interaction with prospects, there are other channels but are not as responsive as telesales. Prospects may view or listen to your adverts and decide to contact you at a later time, which at times is forgotten or contact number misplaced. 1stNet Project Manager will assist and guide to set up your campaign for direct sales of products or services.


Understanding your objectives will provide a clear picture of your campaign and anticipated results, it also helps to overcome and hurdles that you may encounter. You need to set sensible, timely and achievable targets, setting disproportionate targets and you are certainly heading for a depressing time. Your objectives should cover product and service quality and price structure, under or over pricing can have a ruinous effect on your campaign, so take some time to conduct a market survey for your products and services to ensure maximum sales when conducting your B2B Telesales or B2C Telesales.


If you want prospects to respond swiftly and place orders then it’s a good idea to offer incentives. 1stNet offers some really attractive incentives for your prospects at a realistic cost which enhances your sales figures and reduces cancellation rate. Offering a few pounds off the purchase price does not really excite prospects as much when percentages are mentioned and then explain the monetary value.

1stNet Marketing telesales team first sell your products and services on its own merits such as benefits, features and price. We bring in incentives at the agreement part of the call, which consolidates a sale. We ensure the prospects purchase your products and services on features and price rather than the incentive.


An appropriate support system should be in place if you want client retention and referral orders, prospects prefer to purchase products and services that offer prior and after sales services. 1stNet offers inbound customer care support with Freefone number, additionally, we offer online chat and email support. Please contact 1stNet Marketing Project Controller who will offer assistance in regards to your customer care & support services.


It is important to select and have your sales team in place before 1stNet Marketing commences with your products and services sale campaign. Your team should be fully briefed how 1stNet Team will be conducting the direct sales campaign and they should also be trained with customer care and support services. Please contact 1stNet Marketing Project Controller who can arrange training for your team and offer any additional support that you may require with your sales campaign.


We select the experienced agents most suitable to your campaign, they undergo full products & services training and the agents have an opportunity to conduct their own research on the internet to get additional information on your product and to get some insight on the competition.

The team also participates in script writing as they are the ones who will be using it finally and they need to feel content with the script. We also pay attention to email writing training, since the team members are responsible to send emails with product information.

Our team holds two meetings a week; the first one on Mondays prior to a commencement of the week’s calling to set weekly targets for individuals and as a team. The team also share ideas which may enhance sales figures. The second meeting is on Fridays after the official calling time is over; they review the weekly targets and plan ahead for the following week.

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