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Telesales Services

1stNet provides telesales services for inbound calls and outbound calls; sales, order taking services to Corporate, SME and start up companies. With multilingual staff, 1stNet has the skills and resources to assist technology, telecom, and health care, finance and travel & tourism and other companies to penetrate both domestic and international accounts. Our systematic methods help your sales team spend more time with companies or individuals that are looking to buy your services and solutions.

We treat each campaign on its merit and keeping in mind the objective. Training and knowledge are core essentials for our telesales team to achieve high-end targets. The technique is to connect available information with delivery method.

1stNet will assist you with the market trend and organise the entire set up in order to achieve maximum impact for your telesales campaign. Understand the market trend is vital in addition to setting up price structure in order to compete with similar business.

1stNet telesales team under goes a rigours training of your products and services prior to commencement of your campaign, quality controllers oversee individual sales and after sales calls.

Campaign set-up: 1stNet shall set-up your telesales campaign.


Understanding your business is vital and 1stNet ensure everyone from top management to agent have a clear understanding of your products or services.


For security, we provide you with server login to access results, appointments or leads.


1stNet sources TPS checked data for you or work with your existing database and prepares script with NLP, which ensure better results and quality appointment and leads.


The entire team under goes a through training prior to commencement of campaign.


1stNet agents make test calls to you prior to commencement of campaign.


It is important to voice record leads and appointments; of course, we do inform prospects about call recordings and utilised for training and security purpose.


1stNet set up predictive diallers, which enhance contact rate.

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