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Personal Injury Leads

1stNet Personal Injury Leads


Purchasing PI Leads is a daunting task! We at 1stNet Marketing have several options available for purchasing personal injury leads; buy bulk or hot key transfers! Of course this depends on your budget and management staff availability.

We recommend; Leads with the following information.

Record Fields:
»»» Title
»»» First Name
»»» Surname
»»» Insurer
»»» DOB
»»» Home Tel
»»» Work Tel
»»» Mobile Tel
»»» Email
»»» First Line Address
»»» Town/County
»»» Postcode
»»» Make
»»» Model
»»» Reg
»»» Damage
»»» Location of Accident
»»» Circumstances
»»» Fault
»»» Passengers
»»» TP Name
»»» TP Insurer
»»» TP Home Tel
»»» TP Mobile
»»» First Line Address
»»» Town
»»» County
»»» Postcode
»»» TP Vehicle Make
»»» TP Vehicle Model
»»» TP Reg

What happens next?

Call us and discuss your exact requirements and we’ll offer the best suitable package to match your budget.

Buying the leads is the first step! But many companies forget the golden rule of contacting the claimant.

Calling between 9:00am to 5:00pm may work but will yield limited results. Remember most claimants get back to work and you have missed them by restricting your calling hours between 9am to 5pm.

Work out your calling hours between the hour of 5:30pm to 8:30pm or include the hours in your 8 hour shift. For example; start the call shift at 12:30pm and conclude at 8:30pm for better contact rate and results.

Call us on 0843 289 3970 or write to for information about 1stNet Marketing services, brochure or discussion.