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Call Centre Services



1stNet Marketing offers Lead Generation, Consumer Data, Sales Leads and Appointments, Product Sales, Market Research and much more. 1stNet specialises in inbound and outbound telemarketing services. 1stNet offers its expertise of telemarketing services to Start-up Companies, SME’s and Corporate Companies.

1stNet call centre outsourcing services consist of outbound and inbound call centre services which will help you much better implement your time and effort, funds and resources. We offer high-quality call centre services throughout the BPO operations. We now have extremely versatile call agents who can be employed in any component of the outbound telemarketing approach.

Whether or not you use outsourcing call centre or do-it-yourself, is really a challenging conclusion for almost any company. Consequently, it is very important you evidently establish the company intends for call centre outsourcing prior to starting a dialogue with an outsourcing company. Call Agents with the outsourcing call centre which you employ is definitely your company’s first point of communication and in many cases your company’s voice for all of your clients’ relationships.

It’s expensive to set up a call centre, most companies’ favour call centre outsourcing. Outsourcing call centre services assist in focusing on key enterprise operations.

OUTBOUND CALLS: Outbound service incorporates lead generation, sales, appointment setting, marketing surveys, product surveys and general market trends and so forth. Leads generation is probably the most frequent pursuits carried out through the call centre industry. It is deemed a crucial business course of action that makes it possible for constant acquiring long-term customers with the help of telemarketing services. It normally requires a package in which the person is requested to visit the company website and call a Freefone number for additional information of your product or service.

With latest advancements in call centre technologies, incorporated telemarketing campaigns are swiftly becoming probably the most primary approach to accomplishment. Similarly, surveys can be excellent relevance to understanding much more about the marketplace. The outbound call centre services will help enhance brand loyalty and make customers-for-life by applying numerous product sales packages which you can use for brand new product or service and upgrade the older ones.

INBOUND CALLS: Inbound call services offer you comprehensive help for clients with the challenges and questions associated with the newest in addition to older services and products. It is important to have excellent customer support call centre facilities for offering customer satisfaction. Customer support in a contact centre is one that is specially designed for sustaining a relationship with clients and will serve them the prestigious services.

The first contact for the customers to a company through the call centre is vital as the call is answered 24 x 7 and customer satisfaction can be monitored closely. Therefore, it is crucial to provide the very best quality and impact because the image of the business is at the disposal of the individual managing clients’ calls.

Many of our clients are in businesses such as:

»»» Claims & Reclaims

»»» Financial Industry

»»» Health Care

»»» Home Improvement

»»» Insurance Services

»»» Investment Market

»»» IT Support & Help Desk

»»» Manufacturing

»»» Antivirus & Internet Security Services

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